Flea, tick & lice pipette for dogs

Frontline® Plus Dog

FRONTLINE® PLUS for Dogs spot-on solution is a safe, topical application for the treatment of fleas, ticks and lice. Trusted by kiwis for more than  25 years.


  • For use on dogs up to 60 kg

  • Excellent safety profile, and has been trusted by kiwis for more than 25 years.

  • Containing the active ingredient fipronil, the treatment works to kill 98-100% of fleas within 24 hours and will persist against new flea infestations for at least one month. Ticks will be killed within 48 hours for one month.

  • The product will spread over the coat of the animal within 24 hours. Once spread, FRONTLINE® PLUS for dogs is water fast.

  • FRONTLINE® PLUS for dogs also contains the important addition of (S)-methoprene which acts as an insect growth inhibitor. It prevents the multiplication of fleas by inhibiting the development of the immature stages of growth (eggs, larvae and pupae) for at least one month.

  • One treatment is effective against Biting Lice.

  • Dogs may be treated with FRONTLINE® PLUS for dogs once dry following bathing and shampooing. It is recommended not to bath or shampoo cats during the 48 hours after treatment.

  • Active Ingredients: Fipronil, (S)-Methoprene

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How to apply FRONTLINE® PLUS for dogs

JUST 30 SECONDS EVERY 30 DAYS - it’s easy to unleash the flea and tick killing power of FRONTLINE® PLUS for Dogs.
frontline plus dog how-to

Remove 1 applicator from the package

frontline combo dog pipet

Hold upright with foil side toward you and snap applicator tip.

frontline combo application

Apply to dog coat, part hair and apply on shoulder blades. 

dog flea and tick treatment

Allow the entire contents of the applicator tp spread evenly trough your pet's coat.

Frequent questions about FRONTLINE® PLUS dogs

Do I need to treat my pet for fleas even in colder months?

Yes. With heated homes, fleas can be a problem all year round inside the home.  Outside, the flea life cycle never stops in winter, it just slows down. 

Is FRONTLINE® PLUS safe to use on breeding, pregnant and nursing cats and dogs?

FRONTLINE® PLUS is safe to use on breeding, pregnant and nursing queens and bitches.