Flea, tick & lice pipette for cats


FRONTLINE® PLUS for Cats spot-on solution is a safe, topical application for the treatment of fleas, ticks and lice. Trusted by kiwis for more than 25 years.

Product details

  • For use on cats up to 10 kg

  • Excellent safety profile, and has been trusted by kiwis for more than 25 years.

  • Containing the active ingredient fipronil, the treatment works to kill 98-100% of fleas within 24 hours and will persist against new flea infestations for at least one month.

  • Ticks will be killed within 48 hours for one month.

  • The product will spread over the coat of the animal within 24 hours. Once spread, FRONTLINE PLUS for Cats is water fast.

  • FRONTLINE PLUS for Cats also contains the important addition of (S)-methoprene which acts as an insect growth inhibitor. It prevents the multiplication of fleas by inhibiting the development of the immature stages of growth (eggs, larvae and pupae) for at least one month.

  • One treatment is effective against Biting Lice.

  • Cats may be treated with FRONTLINE PLUS for Cats once dry following bathing and shampooing. It is recommended not to bath or shampoo cats during the 48 hours after treatment.

  • Active Ingredients: Fipronil, (S)-Methoprene

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How to apply FRONTLINE® PLUS for cats

It’s easy to apply FRONTLINE® PLUS to your cat
frontline plus cat how-to

Hold the pipette upright with the label facing towards you. Tapping the neck of the pipette can help ensure the contents are in the main body of the pipette. Snap off the tip along the scored line.

frontline plus cat how-to

Part your pet's coat between the shoulder blades until you can see their skin.

frontline plus cat how-to

Place the tip of the pipette on the skin where indicated and squeeze the pipette gently to empty the contents.

frontline plus cat how-to

Apply entire contents in one spot. See the product label for full instructions.

Frequent questions about FRONTLINE® PLUS Cats

Does FRONTLINE® PLUS treat for anything else other than fleas?

FRONTLINE® PLUS is also registered for the treatment and control of ticks and lice.

I just applied my first pipette of FRONTLINE® PLUS. How long until my pet’s fleas are gone?

FRONTLINE® PLUS will spread over the coat of your pet within 24 hours. Any new fleas that jump onto your pet will die within 8-24 hours. The adult fleas on your pet represent only 5% of the total flea population. The other 95% are the eggs, larvae and pupae that can remain dormant in the environment for up to 6 months. The best way to kill fleas is to break their life cycle. By applying FRONTLINE® PLUS continually you will deplete the flea population over time and protect your home environment.

Can I use FRONTLINE® PLUS if my pet is on medication?

Yes. FRONTLINE® PLUS is not systemically active and has no known interactions with systemic medications.

I have treated my cat with FRONTLINE® PLUS for Large Dogs by mistake. Will it harm him?

FRONTLINE® PLUS has a long established and wide margin of safety and your cat should be fine. There is no need to stress your cat by bathing him, but if you have recently applied the product you can dab off any excess on the back of the neck with a tissue. If you have any concerns about your pet please contact your local veterinarian or call us on 0800-800-822.